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All four of our parcels (for sale or lease, or joint venture partnerships) were part of our Family-Owned original 150 acre farm since 1930s (so we know its history), now being sold by the heirs of A.L. Hubbs.  All parcels are owned by Hubbs Land Management, LLC, which is run by one decision maker, David Palmer, his grandson (713-828-1751).
All four parcels that remain of the original farm are free of liens and encumbrances (other than road or utility right of ways). 
All four parcels (1.1 acre. 9.9 acre, 13.5 acre, 8.1 acre) are zoned Commercial and are not within Farragut Township.  Three parcels lie in Knox County, and the other is (contiguous to the parcel that fronts Watt Road for over 600 feet) in Loudon County.  Large truck stops are the nearby neighbors, so utilities are already present to service them, with an upgrade to sewer capacity planned for this summer.
All four parcels are in the western part of the Knoxville TN metropolitan area, on the south side of Interstate 40 / Interstate 75 at the Watt Road Interchange (Exit #369), which exit is about 5 miles west of the large Turkey Creek MegaRetail Development at Campbell Station Road and is only about 1 mile east of where I-40 and I-75 split up (I-40 continues on its own to the west, while I-75 continues on its own to the south). 
This exit has the reputation of being the busiest Truck Stop Interstate Exit in the USA.  Three large national company truck stops already have operations at this Watt Road Interchange, where about 100,000 vehicles per day go by on the interstate and about 12,000 vehicles per day use the south side of the Watt Road exit interchange.
Our parcels have High Visibility and extensive Watt Road frontage. 
The average household incomes in nearby upscale subdivisions like Avalon and Fox Den are about $100,000, and many of their residents use the Watt Road Interchange to get to the interstate for commuting or driving to shopping areas to the east.

Interstate Commercial Undeveloped Properties at I-40/I-75 at Watt Road Interchange Exit 369 (South Side of Interstate, Not in Farragut) on West Side of Knoxville/Knox County + Loudon County Tennessee.

For further information, please contact:
David L. Palmer, Manager
Hubbs Land Management, LLC
3752 Bellaire Blvd.
Houston, TX   77025

Mobile 713-828-1751
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